DEWALT’s DCK280C2 20-volt max lithium-ion compact 1.5 Ah drill and impact driver combo kit combines the fast performance of the DCD780 1/2-inch drill/driver and the compact power of the DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver to provide a well-rounded pair of tools that help everyone from steel stud framers and contractors to cabinetmakers and plumbers work their...

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The Black & Decker LDX172C 7.2V Lithium Drill/Driver features a powerful built in Lithium Ion Battery so its always ready to take on the toughest jobs. As well as being powerful enough to handle most DIY jobs around the home, the battery holds a charge for up to 18 months so you will never be caught short. It also features a handy keyless chuck which...

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Makita's LCT300W new combo kit offers best power-to-weight ratio for both driver-drill and impact driver. The kit includes the BDF452HW 18V Compact Li-Ion 1/2-inch driver-drill, which delivers 450 in. lbs. of efficient torque in a compact size and weighs only 3.5 pounds, the BTD142HW 18V Compact Li-Ion Impact driver, which provides 1,280 in. lbs. of maximum...

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Best Cordless Drills

If you are looking for the best cordless drills then, congratulations, you have come to the right place. This website is chock-full of great reviews, deals and even DIY tips for cordless drills from all of the major manufacturers including Dewalt, Black and Decker and Makita.

Cordless drills are no longer a luxury item – for most DIY’ers and experienced tradespeople alike they have become an essential part of the toolkit. Recent advances in battery technology mean that cordless drills are just as powerful as  and certainly more adaptable than their corded relatives. In fact, the only real problem with choosing the best cordless drill is knowing which one is right for your own particular needs. Here’s a quick run-down to help you out.

Cordless Drills for DIY Enthusiasts

If you are a serious DIY enthusiast, or even just have to put up the odd set of shelves then you probably don’t need an all-signing super powerful cordless drill. We recommend that you still buy from a branded drill though beside all of the good manufacturers feature entry level choices that are powerful enough for most jobs at a price that won’t leave your eyes watering. They all offer the added benefit of a comprehensive guarantee and high build quality meaning that cent for cent they are usually a better buy than cheap, generic offerings

Smaller, more portable drills such as the top rated Black & Decker LDX172C are perfectly suited for the home DIY enthusiast or occasional DIY’er although you may find that they aren’t suitable for heavier jobs such as drilling masonry.  If possible try and stretch to a cordless drill with variable chuck speed because these are capable of handling a wider range of applications and materials.

Professional Contractors

If you make your living doing construction work then you need quality tools that you can rely on. That’s why we recommend drills by Makita or DeWalt. These are  two of the  largest manufacturers and, usually, the choice of the professionals. This is because of their superior build quality – these babies are built to last – but also because of the wide range of tools available and advanced features such as hammer action and 18V power cells. Some of the drills even come with adjustable heads that enable you to work in restricted or hard to access spaces – again, ideal for the professional contractor who needs to get a range of jobs done quickly and easily.

Reliability and power are also major concerns for most contractors. You don’t want to be caught short with a flat power cell up on a roof or dangling from a harness. That’s why our professional cordless drills usually come with super powerful 18V cells and many of them come with additional power packs as standard so that you can spend more time on the job and less time in the shop.

We have tried to design this site to be as user friendly as possible and we are constantly adding to the cordless drills that we feature. All of our sales are handled by world leading e-commerce provider amazon, so you can be assured of quality, reliability and security at all times. We have also recently partnered up with another website the offers a range of great home improvement tips – so why not check it out once you get your shny new drill.

Thanks you for visiting, we hope you get the best cordless drill and that you enjoy years of trouble free use with it.